COVID-19 Bulletin

Update to Covid bulletin

To all my customers:

We are open for business. Our hours are Monday thru Friday 9 – 5, Saturdays 8 – 12 and we are closed Sundays.

Since we are staying home this might be a good time to look at your landscape. Maybe the lawn edging needs to be replaced, stone beds topped off, a new layer of oak hardwood bark mulch or address the crumbling patio. You can place your orders over the phone, email or text and we deliver too. We are here to help.

Because the store is relatively small and I am considered high risk, I would like to maintain 1 set of customers in the store at a time. Contractors, please call when you arrive so that I can meet you at your vehicle. Maintain social distancing, wash your hands frequently, if you feel sick stay at home and let’s just use some common sense on what we do.

Let’s be safe,

Richard Vollmer